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Head Pizzaiolo

Guiseppe “Pep”





Dough & liquor

Dough & Liquor opened in the heart of Stockton Heath village in November 2018. Originally opened as a sports bar that serves pizzas under the name “Morley Cheeks” it soon became apparent how popular the place was becoming with the locals and people further afield. In July 2019 the venue made some further changes to suit its new image and direction, including its name… Dough & Liquor was born! Reflecting its offering of the best pizzas and drinks around.

Alessandro, the Head Pizzaiolo, was born in Naples (the home of pizza) and trained in the art of making pizzas in his native city. He moved to England where he worked in a variety of different pizzerias throughout Manchester to improve on his craft. The dough that is used in the restaurant is a recipe Alessandro has worked on for the last 7 years, with his desire to constantly improve ensuring the best pizzas around. Under the tutelage of Alessandro, all the pizzaiolo’s have been trained in house so that they are able to create the best in authentic Neapolitan Pizzas and ensuring every visit the customer leaves happy.